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Our Philosophy

“Alternative” agriculture describes many strains of agricultural production in the US today: “beyond organic, biodynamic, biological, chemical-free, family farming, humane livestock production, low-input/sustainable, natural, organic, permaculture” ………. and more?

They have one thing in common: the “alternatives” are all opposed to the industrialization of farming that is the defining characteristic of “conventional” agriculture as we know it and meet it in our local supermarkets today.

“Conventional” agriculture has two things going for it: so-called food is cheap and it is abundant.

“Alternative” agriculture seems to be defined by the opposite: food is expensive and may be difficult to find. And yet, more and more people are taking the effort to seek out and buy the alternatives and more and more farmers - real farmers, not ag-industry factory managers - are finding that “conventional” agriculture is not really farming at all.

Obviously, there is something very interesting going on here.

Maine Alternative Agriculture Association (MA3) is in the middle of the issue, literally and philosophically. We support the “alternatives”, especially those that have a goal of producing the most nutritious food - in the most environmentally friendly way - possible. We want to produce real food, humanely, and heal the earth in the process.

At the same time, we are seeking out all the knowledge and expertise we can find to help us sort out the food muddle. How do we feed the multitudes and respect the natural world we live in?

We think it is not only possible but essential.

Really good food is one of the most satisfying perks of life – from planting a seed to sitting down with family and friends for a meal that satisfies body and soul. We can make it a positive experience that sustains all life – or we can allow it to continue to devolve into a degrading experience that diminishes us all.

MA3 opts to accentuate the positive. Join us!

Maine Alternative Agriculture Association - 699 Anson Road - Starks, Maine 04911 - 207-696-3332 - info@mainealternativeag.org